Fast.Adult Cares about your Safety

Sex Workers Safety:

It is important to highlight the care that must be fulfilled as a sex worker, here we illustrate some of them:

Safe Sex:

With this we refer to the care and prevention of diseases from the worker to the client, or from the client to the worker and the best way to achieve this is always through the use of the Condom.
Both for intimate sex and oral sex; it is also important that the worker performs medical checkups, recommended twice a year. If you are a woman taking pills or any other contraceptive to prevent pregnancy.
Vaccination against Hepatitis B is necessary for your own well being.


Starting as a sex worker:

You have the right to work as a sex worker but you must comply with guidelines established by each country.
Never forget that you have rights, obligations, health and safe work.
You can work independently, be careful with the obligation to work through a boss, this is not well seen and in some cases it can be sexual exploitation, please read more about this topic at:

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, so the police department can help you if there is any forced treatment by another person:

Where to report if as a worker I have been contacted by a potentially dangerous client? There are platforms to place the notice of aggression or any other complaint about a customer, as well as this platform has a blacklist of people you should beware of, one of them is:

There are organizations and departments of help for sex workers. Consisting of information and help for different cases, these are one of them:

As a Client:

If you are planning to visit a sex worker, always remember that there is a mutual respect, payment planning in which both are in agreement, specify well what you want from the worker, that there is excellent communication between you and the interested parties, this way you will spend a pleasant time without any kind of disagreements.

If as a client you have noticed the possibility of forced labor on the part of the worker, please do not turn your gaze to the distance and report on this portal:

Avoid Scammed:

Never pay in front until you are in front of the worker, there are organizations that engage in lies making the victim think that indeed everything is fine, and when the customer arrives at the site it is a non-existent address. Report this to the police:

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