If you’re thinking about becoming an escort, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into.
To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions.
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What is it about being an escort that makes it so enjoyable?

New people and places are exciting to meet and discover.
It is exhilarating, exhilarating, and adventurous to have new sexual experiences with customers.
You can gain self-confidence from the desire your clients have for you, and teasing and pleasure can also be very rewarding.

As an escort for a company, you get to set your own hours and make a good salary, which gives you a great sense of freedom and independence.

As an escort, what have I learned?

An escort’s job teaches a wide range of skills.
There are a lot of misconceptions and prejudices about escorts, as well as about sexuality.
As an escort, you encounter a wide range of experiences, and the extent to which you learn from these experiences depends on how open you are to discussing them with us.

When it comes to the bedroom, you’ll discover your sexual preferences.
From clients you’ve never met before, you’ll be bombarded with sexual requests.
You’ll discover what kinds of sexual experiences you enjoy, as well as where your boundaries lie, by doing this.
Always complying with the law is our primary concern, and we’ll never let you do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

What are the drawbacks of working as an escort?

When it comes to choosing clients, it’s not an easy task.
A wide variety of clients can be found (not under 21 years).
You always have the option to turn customers away.
Keep in mind that if you do, you won’t get paid.
You must see the beautiful side of your client even if his appearance does not immediately appeal to you as an escort.

You have the most control over the outcome of a date.
During appointments, you will be expected to be self-reliant, assertive, and sensitive, even if we are here to provide guidance.

Allowable working hours.
In many cases, appointments are scheduled for the evening.
Oftentimes, dates are set at the eleventh hour.
As a result, you often don’t know if you’ll be working in the evening until the following morning.
This necessitates a great deal of adaptability as well as clear lines of communication.
We, of course, need to know that you’re available for appointments at the times you’ve specified.

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Is it safe to be an escort?

We take every precaution to ensure that your clients’ appointments are as safe as they can be.
During an appointment, you have a lot of control over your own safety.
We go to great lengths to keep you safe.
In a nutshell:

Customer contact inside our platform will always be saved for atleast 30 days and can be shared with the local Police.
Always try to verify if your customer is real.
To use our message system we ask people to verify with SMS.
Ask information about the meeting so you don’t have any suprises.
Sometimes you can ask a friend or taxi driver to keep in contact during the first 30 minutes to check the situation.
Always contact your local police and inform our platform if you are victim of any crime.

How much can I expect to make as an escort?

Of course, how much money you make depends on how much effort you put in.
The hourly rates are as follows:

Depending on your price, you can earn anywhere from 200 to 400 euros for a two-hour date.

For the sake of comparison:

Consider the following scenario: You are employed full-time for 36 hours a week and earn an annual salary of 1800 euros.
You’ll need to put in 162 hours of work, or 4.5 days per week multiplied by 36.

You can make this much in a single day as an escort.

Do I tell people I’m with that I’m an escort?

You must make this decision for yourself.
We offer the opportunity to work as an escort in a discreet manner.
Advertorials don’t require you to include your name.
As a result, we will never release your private information to any third parties.

For some people, it’s preferable to keep their job secret.
If you bring up such an uncomfortable topic, be prepared for a lack of understanding from those around you.
Positive responses, on the other hand, may come your way as well.

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