How to Become an Escort: Getting Started…

Is becoming an escort something you’ve ever considered?

The decision to become an escort is one that requires careful consideration and planning.
Once you’ve made up your mind to work as an escort, the process itself can seem daunting.

So, how do you even begin?

Before we go any further, let’s define an escort.

An escort (also known as a companion) is more than just a pretty face for the person accompanying you on your special day.
The term “escort” refers to a person who provides services such as accompanying a client to a social event or providing companionship.
In most cases, an escort is hired through a third-party agency (the client calls the agency to make arrangements), but some escorts are self-employed and select their own clients.

There is a common misconception that all escorts are prostitutes, but we’ll explain why that’s not the case below.

Just one thing to think about: do you want to work as an escort?
If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in this field, read this article and some of your questions may be answered.

Is becoming an escort something you’d like to do?

This is a critical inquiry.
Most new businesses take some time before they start generating profits, and this is no exception.
Escorting is often thought of as quick and easy money, but getting started and finding clients (even with the help of an agency) can take some time.

In addition, escorts must be excellent at what they do.
There are two types of companions and escorts: those who can serve as a one-off date for an event but also those who can build an intimate connection with the client over time.

When you want to be good at something, it’s usually best if you enjoy it.
Building a clientele of dependable customers can take time and effort, so you should be certain that this is what you want before venturing out on your own.

Before you get started, here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. Exactly how much of a time commitment can we expect this to be?
    Which do I prefer: a full-time job or a side gig?
  2. Please tell me if I’ll be on or off the clock.
    (See the explanations below!)
  3. As an escort, what exactly am I expected to do?
  4. Should I go through an escort agency or go it alone?

The answers to these questions may be difficult to come by, but hopefully, this article will provide some insight into what you’re looking for!

Resolving the social stigma…

As long as there is some sort of stigma attached to sex-related work, it will continue to exist.
That is, unfortunately, the case.
While escorting can involve more than just sex (such as traveling with a client or providing additional girlfriend-related services), you must feel comfortable having sex with your clients.
Escorting does fall under the “umbrella” term of sex work, so you need to be comfortable in that environment as well.

Escorting and prostitution are two distinct activities, but there is some overlap and misunderstanding between the two, so let’s clear that up.

Escort services may include sexual activity, but this is not always the case.
In most cases, an escort’s packages will focus more on intimacy, closeness, connection, friendship, etc. than other types of services.
As an escort, you’re essentially selling your time and your relationship with the client.
If prostitution is illegal in the escort’s area, then the escort could face charges of prostitution.

Is prostitution a crime?

Prostitution is against the law in many places, including the majority of the United States.
There are some countries, however, where prostitution is legal and sometimes even regulated (such as the Netherlands, Brazil, Denmark, Ecuador, Germany, and Austria).

Prostitution may or may not be legal in your area, so you’ll want to do some investigating.

Is it a crime to act as an escort?

What is an escort in your country/state depends on the definition of an escort in your country/state.
The distinction between an escort and a prostitute is clearly defined in California law.
In exchange for payment, an escort agrees to accompany a customer to a social gathering or to provide entertainment.
You could call this a service.

The escort could be charged with prostitution if they agree to engage in sexual conduct as part of their services.

What’s the difference between incall and outcall escorts?

Clients come to the escort, rather than the other way around.
For example, escort services may be provided at an agency or at an individual escort’s residence.

Clients can hire an escort to come to their location for an outcall escorting service.
In this case, the escort would meet the client wherever they chose, be it at home or elsewhere.

Which one should I go with?
That’s entirely up to you, of course.
Some escorts prefer to specialize in one type of service, while others prefer to be more flexible and offer both.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
It’s not uncommon for clients to come to your home or agency for in-call escorting, but some people prefer a more private setting.
Outcall escorting, on the other hand, necessitates a trip to another person’s home or hotel room, which can be uncomfortable for some people.

Finally, it is up to you to decide what is most comfortable for you in the end.

Which is better, working for a company or going it alone?

As soon as you’ve decided to give this career a try, you’ll have to make a choice: do I join an escort agency or do I go it alone?

The following are some of the benefits of joining an agency:

  1. With the agency you’re working with, you’ll have to split the commissions you earn.
    The average agency takes 30 percent of the money your client gives you.
  2. The reputation and security that agencies provide will help you advance in your career.
    The vetting services offered by agencies help to ensure that the clients they work with are legitimate, and they also have a good reputation, which makes it easier to find a diverse group of clients.
  3. A lot of the legwork is already done for you in the form of marketing and promotion by an agency.
    As a result, you won’t be able to choose your coworkers as freely as independent workers do.

Being an escort comes with the following requirements:

  1. There will be no more split commissions, which means more control over your earnings and the management of your company.
  2. You can’t rely on your agency’s stellar reputation to support your application.
    It is up to you to find clients and conduct your own background checks.
  3. You’re not bound by the agency’s rules, can run your own business the way you see fit, etc. by doing all of your own promotion.
    The flip side of this is that you’ll have to work harder to establish your brand because you lack a strong network.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option, it’s up to you to decide which one is best for your goals in this journey.


Things to Consider Before You Begin Your Career as an Escort

It’s common for people to think that being an escort is all about sex, and that you need to be a petite blonde to be a successful escort.

Some things to keep in mind if you want to become an escort:

This has the potential to be a viable business venture in its own right.

Although escorting is often viewed as a side hustle or a way to supplement one’s income, it can be much more than that when done right.

There is a lot of work involved if you’re serious about becoming a professional companion, but the rewards are just as great (if not better).

Having the right mindset is crucial: if you think this is just a short-term, sexy side hustle, then that’s exactly what it will be..”
However, if you’re hoping to make a career out of this, you can do so as well.

Yes, your appearance will play a large role in this endeavor.
Pay for it.

This elite model’s guide emphasizes “classic beauty,” which is defined as having no tattoos, a conventional hairstyle, and a flawless complexion.
But I’m afraid I have to agree that this kind of picture isn’t going to be of much help.
In my opinion, it isn’t all that clients are looking for.

If you want to pull this off, you don’t have to be an hourglass figure or a big guy.
Those qualities are unquestionably regarded as “classically” attractive, so obtaining them will undoubtedly benefit you.
However, there are countless methods by which you can improve on your current appearance.

In fact, some of these escorting agencies allow you a certain amount of money each year to keep up with your appearance, according to my research.
You can get up to $3000 per year for plastic or cosmetic surgery (breast augmentation, teeth whitening, injectable enhancement) through the Toronto Fantasy agency (which I discuss more below as an example).

If you’re not born with “classic” features like these or already have tattoos, piercings, or other body modifications, there are still options for you.
When it comes to building a beautiful, classic wardrobe, black cocktail dresses and red high heels are a great place to start.
Investing in high-quality suits and dress shirts is the best strategy for male escorts.

When it comes to your appearance, make an investment in skin care so that you can maintain a healthy radiance at all times.
When working with clients who don’t want to see your tattoos and piercings, do your best to conceal them with makeup or clothing.

Many people are simply looking for someone to talk to.

Many people who hire an escort are looking for companionship, not intimacy or romance.
A companion for an event, a travel companion, etc.
Even a simple dinner date could turn into an extended Venice vacation.

Escorts provide companionship, attention, and intimacy (physical or not).
In the eyes of many, being an escort is all about the sex, but many clients demand more.
Some clients may even hire you more than once to serve as their “plus one” at different events.

In order to avoid emotional exhaustion, some people are looking for a more in-depth relationship.

Some people may be more demanding of your time and attention than others when they ask for your services.
Being able to adapt to the needs of your client is an important part of being an escort or companion.
This is a rewarding job with a lot of perks, but there are some downsides as well.
Make sure that you’re taking care of your own mental health when you’re working as an intimate companion to multiple clients.

As a “paid companion,” you must be able to accept the idea of having some physical contact with other men and women.

There’s a chance of getting close on the physical level.
Sex isn’t always a given, but if it is, you should be ready for it.
As an escort, this is the bare-bones truth.

While your clients are paying for services that go far beyond the bedroom, some clients are interested in a more physical component to the relationship you have with them.
In the process of deciding whether or not this is the career path for you, it’s important to consider this.
Before you get started, you need to decide how you feel about this part of the job and set boundaries with your agency or clients.

The ability to keep one’s emotions separate from one’s reasoning is an absolute necessity in this line of work.

Clients may mistakenly believe that they are in love with you.
Your job is to make them feel like you’re their best friend. If you’re good at it, that is.
Someone they can open up to, trust, and have a sexual relationship with.
Customers’ reactions can be very complicated as a result.

In order to separate themselves from “real life” and treat it as a job, escorts need to treat it like a job and not a real-life romance.
A healthy dose of reality is necessary, as well, because you want your customers to know that they matter to you, and that you are there for that reason alone!
Finding and maintaining this equilibrium can be a challenge.

Knowing your market and your competitors can make or break your business.

In addition to the many agencies that provide escort or companion services, there are also escorts who work on their own and provide their own services.
If you want to keep your business booming in this industry, you must always be one step ahead of your competitors.
Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction requires keeping an eye on what other companions and agencies are doing to stay on top of their game.

You can benefit from the experiences of others.

Is this something you’d like to see become a reality?
To learn more about how to work with an agency, whether you decide to pair with them or not, it’s always a good idea to get in touch with them directly.
Other options include contacting various independent escorts to see if they have any meetings for new or aspiring companions.
Isn’t it true that no one knows the industry better than those who are already involved?

How to Become an Escort in the First Place

Now I know what you’re up to!
Now, how do you go about accomplishing this?
There are many ways to begin this process, but the first question is simple: Do I want to go it alone or join an agency??

Due to the fact that you have complete control over the process of becoming an escort, working as a solo escort can be both lucrative and exhilarating.
If you don’t have a well-known brand or agency behind you, it can be a challenge to get started. Finding clients on your own may also be difficult.

Solo escorts can advertise their services in the “classifieds” section of local newspapers, or they can begin promoting their business online.
Create a classic, elegant website as your first step if you decide to go with option two.

You want people to see you as their fantasy, their dream, and someone they can trust.

Set up photo shoots and invest in a timeless wardrobe for stunning results.
From there, you can start building a custom website for your business and the services you plan to offer (or hire website setup professionals to do it for you).
Once you have a website, you can begin promoting it and looking for new clients.

Even though it may take more time and effort, it may be worthwhile to become an escort with an agency because you will have help finding clients and negotiating terms.

Depending on where you live, the process of finding an agency will be different, and each agency will have a different way of starting.
We can take a look at Toronto Fantasy, for example.

On their website, you’ll find a brief description of their company and what they look for in potential employees, as well as the email addresses of the people in charge of hiring.

When applying to this agency, they ask for a brief description of yourself, as well as non-nude photographs of yourself, to be included in your application.

You’ll meet with someone for an interview if they ask you to come in after that.
First meetings are held in a public place like a coffee shop to ensure the safety of all parties.
You’re asked not to bring anyone or post anything about these meetings on social media because they’re considered private and discrete.

After that, they’ll interview you to see if you’re a good fit for their company.
Despite the fact that this isn’t the norm, I decided to work with this agency because their website clearly explains their process.


If you have the personality traits of charisma, dependability, and friendliness, this could be a good career choice for you…
Is it easy for others to talk to you?
Do people who don’t know you find it easy to open up to you?
This is something you should think about carefully.

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